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Railing Services Central Ottawa Area

Bring a touch of elegance to your home. Call us at 613-720-6123

At LOCKMAN FLOORING KITCHENS AND COUNTERTOPS, we have mastered the art of interior railing installations. Call us today, we are available in Ottawa.

Interior Railings You Will Love

At LOCKMAN FLOORING KITCHENS AND COUNTERTOPS, we are committed to completing all of your residential projects quickly and smoothly.

We are masters at enhancing and installing new elements for your interior, and your railings are no exception.

Drawing on our combined experience and expertise, we can improve the safety, aesthetics, and functionality of your stairs with our beautiful railings.

Whether you want a wood railing to add a warm touch or a metal railing to create an industrial feel to your home, we guarantee to go the extra mile to leave you with new railings you'll love.

Contact us today.

Improve your home's stairways' safety, aesthetics, and functionality

Railing Services Central Ottawa Area
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Importance of New Railings

At LOCKMAN FLOORING KITCHENS AND COUNTERTOPS, we understand that upgrading your interior railing may not be the first thing that comes to mind when doing home improvement projects.

However, consider some of the benefits to ensuring your railings are in tip-top shape: 

  • Safety - providing a necessary barrier to prevent falls and injuries, especially for homes with children, seniors or pets. 
  • Aesthetics - transforming an old-fashioned staircase into a modern, stylish feature that complements your home's decor. 
  • Functional - for example, some railings offer additional storage options, such as hooks or shelves, which can be helpful in small spaces.
  • Others can also bring more natural light into the staircase, making the area more open and inviting.

Call us for more details and to learn more about our other services, such as flooring, kitchen cabinets and countertops, and refinishing.

A necessary barrier to prevent falls and injuries

Railing Services Central Ottawa Area